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As evidenced in a recent blog post by Brian Thompson over at Thorny Bleeder, many musicians don’t really have much of an idea of how to start blogging when every marketing manifesto and effective PR representative tells them to do so. If you haven’t yet read Brian’s brief guide to starting blogging, you should.

I’d like to suggest a quick workaround for many musicians who haven’t yet decided to take the plunge into blogging full time: Tumblr.


The bands that I work with are sometimes averse to the idea of having to start a blog that needs to be updated on a frequent basis. It’s a commitment!

Instead, I suggest they set up a Tumblr blog instead and use that as their main point of blogging contact in the interim until they can dedicate the time to blogging “properly.” The reason I like Tumblr so much is that it allows all types of media posts to be shared, allowing the band to not only post things about their lives, touring, and band related business, it also allows them to share music they’re listening to, cool photos, and just about anything else that strikes their fancy.

WordPress Integration

Another great reason I choose Tumblr as an introductory blogging platform is how well it integrates with WordPress. I encourage bands to use WordPress as the driving engine behind their websites because of its ease of use, customizability, and integration with so many other plugins and platforms.

When you get a Tumblr blog setup, you can install this plugin into your WordPress blog to easily add all of your Tumblr posts to your website automatically. Every time you blog with Tumblr, your website will automatically be updated with your new blog post. Pictures, videos, text, everything.

Tumblr Widget by Gabriel Roth

Tumblr Basics

If you’re new to Tumblr, I highly recommend checking out this blog post. It’s a bit dated, but the fundamentals of the website haven’t changed that much. This post will start with how to set up a blog and get your profile in full gear so you’re ready to start posting regularly.

A Complete Guide to Tumblr

Post Frequency

In regards to how often you should be updating your blog (micro-blog technically), there’s no steadfast rule. Some bands love to keep their fans in the loop about what they’re listening to, liking, seeing, etc. On the other hand there are some bands who try and sell themselves on the “exclusivity” aspect of their music, so a post from the band is kind of a big deal. For Tumblr, I’d say a safe starting point is 2 posts a day. This generally requires grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning, scrolling through your Dashboard and queuing up 5 or 6 posts to be posted at a twice a day interval. The basics guide posted above will explain what all of that means if you’re confused.

Twice a day is a good starting point because it lets your followers know you’re alive while still not bombarding them with your thoughts every minute of the day.

What to Post: This is solely my opinion, but I really encourage artists to share a photo/post/video they like once a day and share a song they’re listening to once a day. Letting your fans in on what you’re listening to is valuable to them, so take advantage of your tastes!

Hopefully I can do some more posting about Tumblr soon enough (like a complete musicians guide to Tumblr) that will encourage even further growth with the blogging platform.

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