Sunshine Promotion was started in 2011 and is based in Orlando, FL. Founded on the principle that artist’s needs should be handled on a case-by-case basis for as long as it takes to accomplish the artist’s goals and that artists should be empowered to create their own success through coaching and guidance, we’ve helped our roster get placement on MTV shows such as Teen Mom and World of Jenks, and also on the popular Nashville radio station, Lightning 100.



With close to 6 years of music promotion and PR experience working with independent artists, we’ve always treated each project differently. Each press campaign is designed to build a regional and national following for an artist through both digital and print press.

Typical publicity campaigns last between 4-12 months and include securing placements for debut singles, music videos, album streaming events, and tour announcements in both local and national publications.

See our notable press placements here.

Television & Film Placements

Synchronization (synch) licenses from television placements can generate extra revenue streams for artists. We pitch your music to synchronization licensing libraries and guide you through the process of getting your tracks placed in film or television. Past placements include songs on MTV, Fox Sports, in independent films, and on prominent Youtube channels.

See our notable television and film placements here.


While I started Sunshine Promotion primarily as a PR company, I receive many emails from newer artists who know they need direction, but they’re not sure what kind.

Not sure when you should put your album out, what kind of songs you should be uploading to Youtube, how you should be emailing music bloggers, how you can start booking shows?

Send me an email and I’ll guide you through what I think the next 9-12 months of your career should look like so you’re moving forward with direction, not just spinning your wheels.

Marketing Services

These are the current services I’m offering a la carte. 

One Sheet: $90

Press Release: $75

Bio: $50