How to Get Your Music on Music Blogs

There are many facets of a successful music publicity campaign, but among the most common questions I hear from newer artists are about how they can promote their music independently and get it covered on music blogs.

Since many new artists often don’t have the money to embark on national tours, advertise on major music outlets, or sometimes even print physical copies of their own album, getting coverage on music blogs (both local and national) is the best way for them to spread the word about the music they’re creating.

This post was difficult to organize because of how many different ways there are to approach promoting music. I’ve done my best to explain the psychology of why music blogs write about the music they do, how to prepare your own music for publicity efforts, where to find music blogs to email, and what your emails should look like for best results.

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How to Promote a Local Concert for $0

Yeah, hiring a big-wig PR person would be cool, but your band is probably eating PB&J for breakfast in the back of your van with barely enough money to make it to the next show. How do you promote your shows to get people through the door without taking on more debt or asking your parents for more money to help you make it home in time for Thanksgiving?

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The Complete Musician’s Guide to Spotify

Spotify has unveiled one hell of a lot of features for independent artists these past few weeks. To be honest, I had a hard time sifting through what a lot of the new features were, namely; why getting an artist “verified” mattered at all, what the point of playlists were, and what Spotify analytics could do that other types of data couldn’t.

I’ve done my best to put the new Spotify features into laymans terms to help you understand what they do AND how you can get them up and running so your Spotify profile kicks just as much ass as a major label artist. I’ve also included 6 promotional tips at the bottom of the article to help you leverage Spotify’s new artist tools to gain new fans and more plays on the music-streaming service.

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Youtube Announces Music Awards Show

On November 3rd, Youtube is going to be having its first ever awards show dedicated to the musicians of Youtube. The nominees for the awards show will be announced October 17th and the whole show is being sponsored by Kia (God knows they’re desperate for attention) Jason Schwartzman will host.

The big acts that are already confirmed for the event are Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire (Commonly referred to as Arcade Fries in some circles).

Youtube has kept its lips tight about how the whole process is going to work, but during the middle of October, they’re going to announce some categories (6 of them to be precise), that users will be able to vote on and data from Youtube users will determine the winners.

While the info about what the awards show is actually going to be like is still a secret, if things go well for Youtube and the Youtubers who have managed to snag a spot in the illusive category nominations, the following years’ events could mean more exposure for indie bands and artists and may even allow for open applications from Youtubers who aren’t already racking up plenty of views.

The 90 minute show will definitely be quick, and the promotional video isn’t funny or exciting, but I think this is a good experiment for Youtube and here’s to hoping it isn’t a complete flop.

What You Need to Get Ready for a Publicity Campaign

I’ve touched on publicity briefly in other articles, but recently I had the chance to sit down with Laura Goldfarb over at Red Boot PR about the ins and outs of a properly executed publicity campaign. Huge thanks to Laura for her contributions! Any questions for Laura or about the article? Leave them below!

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