How to Get Your Music on Music Blogs

There are many facets of a successful music publicity campaign, but among the most common questions I hear from newer artists are about how they can promote their music independently and get it covered on music blogs.

Since many new artists often don’t have the money to embark on national tours, advertise on major music outlets, or sometimes even print physical copies of their own album, getting coverage on music blogs (both local and national) is the best way for them to spread the word about the music they’re creating.

This post was difficult to organize because of how many different ways there are to approach promoting music. I’ve done my best to explain the psychology of why music blogs write about the music they do, how to prepare your own music for publicity efforts, where to find music blogs to email, and what your emails should look like for best results.

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7 Blogging Tips for Musicians

Blogging is paramount for any musician. Unfortunately, many bands don’t know how to go about starting a blog, let alone keeping one running on a regular basis. This new blog post by Hypebot gives 7 pretty solid tips about how you can supercharge your blog to keep your fans engaged in what you’ve got going on as well as how you can generate some blog posting ideas when you’re suffering from writer’s block.

7 Blogging Tips for Musicians