Full-Time TV/Film Composer & Author of “The Business of Music Licensing” – Interview with Emmett Cooke

emmettcookeEmmett Cooke is a full-time composer for television, film, and video games. He’s been working in the industry for close to 7 years and I recently had the pleasure of talking to him about how he got started composing music, getting tracks into music libraries, and licensing his work directly to clients like Ralph Lauren and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Cooke is also the author of an eBook called “The Business of Music Licensing,” where he outlines his strategies for composing, licensing, and generating money with stock music. I can’t recommend the short eBook enough. It’s only €12.99 and is available at the link below.



Emmett is also working on a guide to sampling and creating custom Kontakt sound libraries called “The Sampling Handbook.” When finished, it will be available here: “The Sampling Handbook” http://thesamplinghandbook.com

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