Use Your Own Wristbands at Shows

Let’s talk about wristbands (yipee!). This is an idea I’ve been toying with for a little while after seeing it posted by a few other music blogs around the web, but I haven’t actually put it into practice yet. Wristbands are required at the door of just about every show you’ll be playing, so why not see if you can distribute your own wristbands at the show to get some additional branding/exposure for your band both before and after you’re done playing.

You’ve probably seen venues with custom wristbands before (where I’m from they’ll print coupons for Domino’s pizza onto the wristbands), but have you ever considered asking the venue if you can use your own?
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How we got a 75% Response Rate from Local Press

Building a local fan base is great way to have a “jumping off” point for your music. While you may have dreams of selling out Radio City, you have to start small sometimes to build up recognition on a regional level. Starting locally and then branching out to nearby cities will give you a solid touring structure to base your work from as you progress. It’s not the most “attractive” and “rock star” way of doing things, but starting with your local area to build a name for yourself is my personal recommendation for any band looking to make a sustainable career.

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Local Networking for Musicians [Including Networking Plan]

**First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately. Real life happened.

Networking is the best way to get ahead in “the biz.” It isn’t all about sending your music to Pitchfork and blogs to hope it gets some airplay in the corners of the internet, it’s about talking to the people who matter most in your town to help each other out and to build a core fan base you can build from in the coming months.

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Follow Along: UK Student Radio Campaign

For the next 3 weeks I’m going to be putting together a student radio campaign for the UK. I’m currently in the early stages of collecting contact information for each of the stations I’ll be hitting, but I’ll be posting very soon how I set the campaign up, how it’s going, and what types of results I’m seeing.

The goal is to hit 40-50 student radio stations in the UK and to build a relevant fan base along the way

Be sure to follow along and please send any questions you have about the process my way!