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Retreating from Nashville, TN after the breakup of a previous band, now-Florida-based songwriter, Nicholas Roberts, moved to Orlando and holed up in a 100 square-foot studio apartment to create what would become his debut album, ‘The Rest of Our Lives.’ Recording in the mornings before work and late into the night, Roberts often worked with a single microphone, carefully layering individual melodies and instruments to craft indie-rock landscapes.

The forced minimalism of Roberts’ living space is evident in the songs. Blending accessible songwriting with electronics, synthesizers, and soaring guitar melodies, songs sound eager to escape the confines of the small space in which they were recorded.

Roberts’ previous solo projects have garnered praise from My Old Kentucky Blog, NBC New York, and The Wild Honey Pie and have been featured on MTV and CNN.

“The Rest of Our Lives” was mixed by Stephen Turney (Humming House) and mastered by Grammy-nominated, Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice (Bon Iver, Arcade Fire), and will be released independently on February 26, 2016.

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Track List

1. Stand on My Shoulders
2. The Rest of Our Lives
3. I Shouldn’t Feel
4. Love You Out Loud
5. Forever in All Directions
6. River to a Flood
7. Instrumental
8. Dear Holiday
9. Find Someone
10. Lullaby




My Old Kentucky Blog

“An uncanny taste when it comes to arrangement and a gift of melody”

NBC New York

“We’ll be hearing Mr. Roberts’ work on a Sofia Coppola film soundtrack about five minutes from now.”

Television Placements

Placements on television shows like MTV’s Catfish, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, CNN’s The Wonder List With Bill Weir, and FOX Sports.


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