Play a House Show This Weekend

House shows are vastly underrated in terms of their potential for income and personal connection with fans. If you’re not already playing a show this weekend, send an email out to your email list and ask if anyone in your area has an open living room this coming weekend. Tell them to invite all of their friends and bring some snacks and drinks along as well. You’ll have to outline some ground rules for the people looking to let you play in their house for the night, as well as negotiate whether or not there’ll be a cover charge at the door, but if 15-20 people show up, you’ve done well!

Take this weekend to make a personal connection with your fan base and help them get to know you. If you have any other musician friends in town as well, invite them to play with you too. Letting your fans get to know you in a personal way is invaluable and once you get the swing of things playing house shows, you can make them a more regular occurrence.

PS: Don’t forget to bring CDs and merchandise!

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