Youtube Announces Music Awards Show

On November 3rd, Youtube is going to be having its first ever awards show dedicated to the musicians of Youtube. The nominees for the awards show will be announced October 17th and the whole show is being sponsored by Kia (God knows they’re desperate for attention) Jason Schwartzman will host.

The big acts that are already confirmed for the event are Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire (Commonly referred to as Arcade Fries in some circles).

Youtube has kept its lips tight about how the whole process is going to work, but during the middle of October, they’re going to announce some categories (6 of them to be precise), that users will be able to vote on and data from Youtube users will determine the winners.

While the info about what the awards show is actually going to be like is still a secret, if things go well for Youtube and the Youtubers who have managed to snag a spot in the illusive category nominations, the following years’ events could mean more exposure for indie bands and artists and may even allow for open applications from Youtubers who aren’t already racking up plenty of views.

The 90 minute show will definitely be quick, and the promotional video isn’t funny or exciting, but I think this is a good experiment for Youtube and here’s to hoping it isn’t a complete flop.